Mindful Meals

    Today I spent time being mindful while preparing and eating my meals. Often times I am so busy that I do not pay attention to what I am shoveling into my mouth, and my body suffers the consequences of me not being mindful about what I prepare and ingest. Lately, I have been traveling back and forth to my home state of California and so my food, sleep, and exercise have been off. 

    Breakfast is one of my favorite meals, so I used it a an opportunity to be mindful. I typically look forward to the first meal of the day, it’s the one meal I can enjoy something either sweet and savory or something simple. Today was my oatmeal day, I tend to go all out during the process of preparing a beautiful bowl of oatmeal. 

    I grab my green bowl that I’ve had since high school which was so long ago. I use Quaker Oats Old Fashion Oatmeal and I put it in the microwave with 1cup of Almond milk for 2mins. While that is heating up I scoop out my chia and flaxseeds, I love the nutty flavor of the flaxseeds it adds an extra kick to the oatmeal. I don’t think chia seeds actually have flavor, they are just fillers for me. During this 2min. time I also slice my strawberries.

    After the oat are cooked I pour one pack of Stevia on the oatmeal and start placing my strawberries neatly on one side and then the chia and flax are added, I enjoy the process of decorating my oat (smile), when food looks pleasing to my eyes it more enjoyable. So, once everything is picture perfect I snap and sit down to finally enjoy my breakfast. 

    During this time I drink my black coffee and eat my cereal. I focus on the texture of the strawberries and how they mix with the oatmeal along with the cluster of chia seeds that got stuck together. The strawberries are very aromatic and I find myself smiling when I inhale the scent of the strawberries. I am so relaxed in the moment and I purposely avoid rushing through the meal. When the oatmeal goes down my throat it is still warm and I take another sip of coffee, yum. 

    Finally, I come to the final scoop and I am satisfied.  I am not in a rush and so I sit for a moment and and finish off the rest of my coffee. Mindful eating and prepping keeps me present and aware of what my body needs in that moment. It is my time to just be with myself before the world around me starts to buzz. 

    Have a mindful meal and see how you feel.



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