The Process of Healing

The process of healing takes a lot of work. I have found on my journey that art has been on of the top coping skills that I used at the start of my journey  and continue to use when I need a mini escape. I am not the best artist, however, I find it relaxing and it keeps me mindful. I love drawing trees for some reason they make me feel grounded.

One suggestion  I have is to find something that you enjoy doing and do it. For me in my early years of recovery from the aftermath of my abuse my best friend and I would sit at the coffee shop drink coffee and draw. That was our weekly escape from all of our issues. For us, if we met up and one of us was not having a good day by the end of art and coffee we would be laughing and feeling empowered.

Although we now live in different states we continue to meet at Starbucks once a week and we talk on the phone and draw. That has been a life saver for both of us, it is our time to encourage one another and it allows us to push beyond our past and live life. For me it has made my recovery stronger and hopeful for what is to come in the future.




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