Come Out Of Hiding


Welcome to my blog!

When I decided to start this blog it was my desire to inspire and give hope to anyone that is or has dealt with sexual abuse and the aftermath. The road to healing and freedom is not easy. Having the right people to support you during the process makes the journey a little smoother. I have been blessed to have support and encouragement that allowed me to come out of hiding. In the past I resisted sharing my story or my journey from victimhood to survivor out of shame. However, the enormous amount of shame kept me trapped in guilt and pain of being abused. I realize that talking about sexual abuse is taboo, however, sweeping it under the carpet keeps us bound to the past.

As a survivor, I will no longer live in silence. Living in silence made it difficult for me to live up to my full potential. I have moved from victim to survivor.I have a voice and I want to use my voice to inspire others to  live a life of freedom. Be inspired to ComeOutOfHiding and live free.

Thanks for stopping by,

Natalie Nicole

P.S. Please feel free to dialogue…


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